Pintours Driver Tutorial: Apple Users

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Hello, this is an audio tutorial to help you get setup on your first Pintour drive.
Just a reminder, you will need to navigate to the tourists pickup location, before using the app.

Also please ensure the tourists have the app installed and start the tour once picked up. Ask them to enable the app into "Manual Audio Mode", instructions can be found below.

You will need to have the Pintours App installed:
Download Here

You will be provided a tour code for the Pintours App that will have all the details of the tour, including all the stop locations, and the tour commentary.
You will need to setup your phones audio to play through the cars bluetooth or an aux cable.

First, download the app, and navigate to the first page.
When asked if you are a tour guide, say "I Just Want To See Some Tours "

Then once you enter the home page, go ahead and tap the camera button that says, "Enter Code or Scan"

This will download the tour, and save it to your tours tab.

Once its downloaded, you can go ahead and tap the tour.
You will see another popup asking you to download the rest of the tour, please tap "Download Tour"
If you will not have internet during the tour, please download the maps as well, this will ensure that the maps still work, even without an internet connection.

Once you make a selection there, you will see a popup around Tour Audio Mode

If you prefer the best experience, just keep the "Tour Audio and Background Music" enabled. This will automatically play your audio and background music as you arrive to each stop.
• Tour Audio Only - Will only play the tour commentary, no background music will play.
• Manual Audio Mode - Please have the tourists who are with you use this option on their phones.
If you need to change this at any time, you can tap the map icon with an audio squiggle icon.
You can also change the GPS updates as well by tapping the speaker icon in the map.

After that, you will be at the overview page of all the stops, in order.

If you see a stop that you would like to skip, just tap the pin, the stop title, and tap remove stop.

You may see this popup

This will allow you to start the tour at the stop nearest to you.
We recommend you only use this, if its really needed.

Once your familiar with the tour and stops, you can start the tour.
You will see a button on the bottom right, that says, start the tour.
You can go ahead and test it out a few times, before starting the tour with the tourist in the car.
You will be able to preview all the stops, and their locations.

Once you start the tour, the tour's intro will play. Make sure the tourist is in the car for this portion, as it will have key information about the tour.
You can restart the tour, by tapping stop, and tapping the tour once your ready to start again.

Once your next stop is set, the page will automatically load directions and navigate you to the stop's location. You may notice a green circle on the map, that is for you to enter.
The automatic playback will start once you enter that location.

If for any reason the automatic commentary does not play, you can tap the stop's pin, and tap the title to force it to play.

As each stop finishes, your app will load the next stop. If you need to skip a stop, or the tourist doesn't want to go there, you can tap "skip" and the tour will progess to the next stop.

Our 24/7 support is always available at 844-958-2728. Don’t hesitate to text or call with any questions at anytime.


Our 24/7 support is always available at 844-958-2728. Don’t hesitate to text or call with any questions at anytime

• If the background music is playing, but the commentary is not playing.
      • Make sure the app is open, and you are in the green circle
      • Make sure the volume ringer on the side of your phone, is not on vibrate
      • If it is still not working, just tap the pin and the title above it.

• Tour audio won’t load
      • Make sure you are connected to the internet
      • If still not working, contact Pintours

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