Pintours Driver Tutorial: Web Users

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Hello, this is an audio tutorial to help you get setup on your first Pintour drive.
Just a reminder, you will need to navigate to the tourists pickup location, before using the tour link.

You will be provided a tour link that will have all the details of the tour, including all the stop locations, and the tour commentary. You will need to setup your phones audio to play through the cars bluetooth or an aux cable.
Once you are setup, you can go ahead and click the link. You will see a button that says, start the tour.
You can go ahead and test it out a few times, before starting the tour with the tourist in the car. You will be able to preview all the stops, and their locations.

Once you start the tour, you will see a popup asking for your location, you NEED to allow this.

Once that’s done, the tours intro will play. Make sure the tourist is in the car for this portion, as it will have key information about the tour. Please remind them to have the app open as well, to unlock cool info at each stop.

Also, the page is completely scrollable, so you can scroll down to see all the stops and the rest of the stops.

This map will list all the stops in order of visiting.
You can tap each pin, and tap the delete icon to skip that stop completely

Once your next stop is set, the page will scroll down to the next stop.

This view will have a link to google maps for the exact location to go to. Please load that up as the commentary will only play once you enter the black circle, with this page open.
If for any reason the automatic commentary does not play, you can tap “Play Commentary” to force it to play. You can also tap the "Skip" button to skip the commentary.

This shows the map zoomed in, please make sure to enter the black circle for the automatic commentary to play.


Our 24/7 support is always available at 844-958-2728. Don’t hesitate to text or call with any questions at anytime

• Background music is playing, but commentary is not playing
      • Make sure the page is open, and you are in the black circle
      • If its still not working, just tap “Play Commentary”

• Tour link or audio won’t load
      • Make sure you are connected to the internet
      • If still not working, contact Pintours

• Background music stopped playing
      • Reopen the page and tap the play button

• Screen keeps turning off
      • If your phone is in low power mode, please charge it. Otherwise you will need to keep reopening the page.
      • APPLE: Go to phone settings -> Display Brightness -> Auto-Lock -> Never
      • Android: Go to phone settings -> Screen or Display -> Timeout -> 5 mins

Additional Info: